Father Johnson Thekkadayil with shocking revelations of Christian persecution in Chhattisgarh in India

Narayanpur - Father Johnson Thekkadayil with shocking revelations of Christian persecution in Chhattisgarh in India

Father Johnson, visiting Narayanpur, shared with United Christian Online the shocking news of the attacks on Christians in Chhattisgarh. On the afternoon of January 2, more than a thousand people reached the Narayanpur Catholic Church under the Jagdalpur Diocese and started the attacks against the Christians by destroying the church and the presbytery.

The subsequent violent incidents have terrified the missionaries and the Christian people of the area, including priests and other saints. Father Johnson, a leading Christian apologist in Kerala, visited the villages where Christian persecution took place, talked with the believers and missionaries and encouraged them. United Christian Front President Adv. Justin Pallivatukal and reached Chhattisgarh.

Father Johnson had heartbreaking stories to share with United Christian Online. Father Johnson and his team visited those who had been left homeless and those who had been driven from their villages and were living in camps due to widespread violence.

Father Johnson said that the faith and hope of Christians made him happy even in the midst of suffering.

But Father Johnson says that two incidents that he heard there hurt his heart a lot. In a village called Raimowad, they kept the Christian brothers and sisters naked, beat them with big sticks and humiliated the women. The assailants also created a situation where they could not work when they returned to the villages. Father Johnson also requests special prayers for these brothers who have been insulted and insulted for the Christian faith.About seventy Christians are working in a company called Nico in the area. But the anti-Christians have threatened the company authorities with a letter demanding that they should be fired from their jobs. Father reminds us to remember and pray for many believers as this company is a means of livelihood.

He also visited the believers of the Brethren Assembly in the village of Doda. He said that he could see many young believers with head injuries. He says that the believers there are those who do not hear and learn the word of God but apply it in their lives.Father Johnson says that in the midst of their many hardships, the believers there showed their heart to provide financial assistance to the children of God who came to visit them. He said that the minister of the local church told them that if they refused their help, it would hurt them, so it was not fulfilled. Father Johnson said that they showed a quality that we do not have.Father Johnson ended the audio message by asking for prayers once again for the suffering children of God in Narayanpur.

Father Johnson at Thekkadayil , Adv. Justin Pallivatukkal, Br. Jim Mathew, Br. Raju Varghese and met Hon’ble Chhattisgarh Home Minister Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu at his office on 11th morning. The Home Minister informed the team that the case has been taken up by the Chief Minister and dealt with strictly.