Muslim youth acid attack on Christian woman in Pakistan

sunitha - Muslim youth acid attack on Christian woman in Pakistan

Morning Star News reports that a Muslim man threw acid on a 19-year-old Christian woman in Karachi, Pakistan, in retaliation for her refusal to pressure him to marry and convert to Islam.

A girl named Sunita Masih, who was living with her sister after the death of her parents, had to face this tragedy because of her Christian faith.
Sunita was going to work in the morning from her house in Masoom Shah Colony, Kalapul area of ​​Karachi. After getting off the bus at Cantt station, her neighbor Kamran Allah Bux, a Muslim youth, threw acid on her and ran away. As a result of the attack, Sunita suffered 20 percent burns.

As soon as Kamran threw the acid, my eyes, face, hands and legs started burning,” Sunita told the police from her hospital bed. She also said that the pain was so unbearable that she fell down on the road.

Sunitha’s John Masih said that Kamran pressured Sunitha by following him with a love request. Kamran had forced Sunita to renounce her Christian faith and told Sunita that he would marry her once she became a Muslim. But Sunita refused to submit to Kamran’s illegal demands, John Masih said. “Sunita had informed her siblings about Kamran’s harassment and they had repeatedly complained to Kamran’s parents.

He said that the family lodged a complaint with the police to stop the torture, but no action was taken. The family, members of the Salvation Army Church, sought justice for Sunita Masih, whose face and other parts of her body were mutilated in the attack.

Kamran Bux has been booked under acid attack (Section 336-B of the Pakistan Penal Code) and has been taken into custody, said Sagheer Ahmed, an officer of Freire police station.

Pakistan, an Islamic nation, has a history of violence and discrimination against women, including those from vulnerable minority communities. Because of blasphemy laws, Christians are at constant risk of being falsely accused of blaspheming Islam, the Koran, or Muhammad. Christians have been imprisoned for years under the country’s blasphemy laws, and many have been killed or forced to leave the country permanently after being released from prison.Many incidents of girls being abducted and converted have been reported here.