Pornography in the Church

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By Samuel Appiah

This is my testimony to the Glory of God. It has been exactly a year now when I received freedom from the influence of lust, pornography and masturbation by the power of God through Christ Jesus and this is my testimony to His Glory.

I grew up up in a small broken home I felt little to no affection from my parents and those around and wasn’t encouraged much. At the age of 11 we welcomed a lady into our home as a help who begun to molest me and I didn’t know who to talk to. She was 19 at the time. It was at that time I was introduced to pornography. Although we were a Christian family and went to church, I found myself struggling with pornography and did not know how to tell anyone. My church never talked about it. I continued to struggle with it for years, with all my attempts to stop being futile. The truth is that it temporarily filled a hole in me and it soon become my go to in dealing with my pain which I realised later.

On one faithful Friday night I was so broken about it, after almost a week of trying with all my strength to abstain from it, I felt so drained and I knew I could not do it on my own. Having no one to confide in, I broke down in tears and prayed a sincere prayer to God to lead me to someone or bring someone into my life who would help me overcome it.

And behold in the afternoon of the very next day, Saturday, I found a room while on clubhouse titled “Pornography in the Church” opened by Dr. Jose. I didn’t know him then or anyone in the room but I believed that in there was an answer to my prayer and I joined. After a number of submissions all of which I related to in some capacity, I came up and opened up about my struggle with pornography and I was prayed for by the Men of God and everyone after which Dr. Jose called me privately again and prayed with me. I felt a relief I have never felt concerning this matter. Dr. Jose and Chris would subsequently check up on me and support me in prayer.

The impact was so sudden and I felt so free and light like a burden had been taken off me. Glory be to God I was free. Even the cravings had stopped for good. The devil has done his best to try to keep me down in guilt and prevent me from having an impact in the lives of others and by the Grace of God it has all been to no avail because I have stayed in the Word and in prayer fervently, joining Bible studies. By the Grace and mighty working power of God I am helping others to overcome it. I have been asking God to equip and help to pull others from one of the major tool of the enemy against the youth.

I never cease to thank God for giving me this testimony of victory over the works of the enemy. As His word says in 1 John 5:4. Whosoever is born of God overcometh the world. I will always be grateful to Dr. Jose and I pray for an increase in his ministry that he may affect many more with the transforming power of God and wherever he goes may the blessing of God attract everything good into your life. Goodness and Mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. Psalm 23:6.
Thank you Chris. Your support and prayers really helped me. May you never cease to have testimonies in your walk with Christ.

There is no situation beyond the Name of the Lord. I am blessed to be a part of this family.

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